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Episode Show Notes

003: Five Ways to Make Your Videos More Compelling

July 17, 2017


With video content creation being so readily accessible, Don shares five tips on how to make your videos more compelling.

Major Points

The videos you make will be competing with everyone else’s videos for the attention of your target audience.

Your video must be compelling:

1.) How easy is it for people to get engaged in your video?

2.) How easy is it for people to stay engaged with the message?

3.) When they are done watching the video, are they sharing it with others?

Five Elements to Make your Video More Compelling:

1.) Personal – tell personal, first person stories that the audience can connect with.

2.) Emotional – think about what emotion you are trying to evoke on the viewer and what elements your video needs in order to achieve that emotional response.

3.) Contrast – you want the viewer to see an obvious change. For example, if your non-profit helped an individual, you want to show how bad off they were before finding your organization, and how much their life has improved since receiving your program services. Make sure there is a good balance between the negative and positive aspects of the story.

4.) On-Point – make sure the story is on point with the message. Don’t get caught up in extraneous information that has nothing to do with your main point.

5.) Get To the Point – videos should be short, concise, and get to the point quickly. If you meander around too much your audience will lose interest.


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