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Episode Show Notes

002: What Should My Videos Be About?

June 15, 2017


Don and Suzy share an idea to stimulate your brainstorming about content for your videos and discuss some interesting uses for video they have seen from other non-profit organizations.

Major Points

Stop thinking of video as something you do every once in a while for a major event or campaign.

Video marketing is about creating a lot of short videos, but with meaningful messages, that are delivered over a period of time.

Brainstorming Ideas

Look at the information your organization already communicates, such as through a newsletter, and start to think about how you can communicate that same information through Video.

Tips to Get Started

Make a testimonial video with individuals your organization has helped, instead of a third party telling what theĀ organization did for them.

Create videos for events, such as a promo video for an upcoming affair. Consider doing a Facebook Live video during an event so those unable to make it can see what’s happening or for more informal occasions, to encourage people to come out. After an event, create a recap video with highlights.

Use video to highlight donors, volunteers and even new employees. Pick individuals your audience will find relatable and similar to the kinds of volunteers and donors you want to attract.

Send short “Thank You” videos to your donors. Send videos to individuals who donated small amounts, as well as major donors, to encourage further giving.

Three Big Pay Offs

Put out information that will attract new people to your organization.

Keep people’s attention once they are attracted to your organization.

Communicate the importance of what your organization is doing on a regular basis to keep people engaged.


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